About the Maker and Brand

About the Maker and Brand

hey there friend, my name is Hannah Sanchez and I am the owner and maker of this shop. if you are reading this you probably can already guess that I kinda sorta like house plants. i am someone who also has a passion for decor and art so I combined all three of those things to create my brand. we are all about the cutesy plant things here for all my plant girlies out there, but if you don't have a green thumb (which doesn't exist btw) don't worry. dried flowers and herbs are just as cute ;) ALSO, despite what most people think based off of the name, I don't sell plants- at least for now.

take a look at this interview to learn more about my story <3 https://voyageraleigh.com/interview/daily-inspiration-meet-hannah-sanchez/

we are currently located in Wilmington, nc and mainly do markets here. nc friends, catch me at a pop up event and mention reading this for 10% off! 

P.S. it is mainly all a one woman show with the occasional hired help so I super appreciate all of the patience from my lovely customers and supporters.

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